The precision and efficiency of COBOL, combined with new technology’s power and flexibility

The RM® product set comprises a rich product suite of integrated tools that enables developers to maintain a single set of source code as RM/COBOL applications are deployed across different platforms and operating systems.

RM/COBOL provides a platform to integrate and modernize COBOL applications. Core business applications can be truly distributed across the enterprise as RM/COBOL separates the presentation and logic layers of existing applications. This means that different interface technologies are able to access the same application and data.

The future for the Micro Focus portfolio of COBOL products is driven by two objectives:

  1. To create the best development environment for business applications.
  2. To make it easy for all COBOL developers to move to the best development environment

RM/COBOL users have a range of options.

Continue to use RM/COBOL
RM/COBOL is a stable high performance platform for a large number of COBOL applications which provides a familiar environment for developers to maintain and improve applications written in RM/COBOL.

RM/COBOL v12, released in 2009, continues to be supported and the scheduled program of maintenance releases will ensure that RM/COBOL applications continue to work faultlessly.

Move towards modern COBOL
For organizations that want to modernize applications written in RM/COBOL, Visual COBOL R3 is the most productive and powerful COBOL environment in the industry. It is also easy to learn. The portability of COBOL, together with its built-in high levels of compatibility, means that RM/COBOL applications can take full advantage of the latest tools, the most modern UI technologies and the latest platforms.