Kerio Control on Luxury Yachts

Kerio Control on Luxury Yachts

■ Luxury yacht owner needs to receive priority bandwidth for fast browsing, downloading and streaming

■ Need to bridge the technology gap between bandwidth hungry land-based apps and the limited bandwidth available at sea

■ Protecting the owner by limiting the opportunity for inappropriate Internet usage aboard

■ Transforming the flow of data on the open sea

Kerio Control’s usage and traffic statistics put it at the top of the list for the yacht. Until Kerio, most of the devices in place were little more that Multi Wan routers allowing the Captain to switch between Internet access paths while leaving the captain completely blind with regards to how the Internet was being used and by whom. The ship’s captain was drawn to Kerio Control’s Statistics and detailed traffic charts so he could see who, and what, were using the most bandwidth and causing speed issues. Kerio Control’s Quality of Service and intuitive bandwidth management rules allow the captain to easily prioritize and monitor network traffic to guarantee high speed for the yacht’s owner and guests. Additionally, the Kerio Control Web Filter provided interesting insights into inappropriate websites crew members were visiting and streaming during work hours, on work-provided devices. The final deciding component was Kerio Control’s ease of administration. While the yacht is at sea, the captain can rely on Yachtcomputing on shore to administer and manage any threats or issues that may arise enabled by Kerio’s VPN capabilities